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Leading with Intention, Inspiration and Impact.™


Bestselling and Award-winning Author, Publisher, Speaker and Organizational Consultant, Dr. Joy Pillay enjoys empowering others to make an enhanced impact through their leadership. This is accomplished through the facilitation of dynamic discussions and strategies about leadership and its intricate implications both professionally and personally. These leadership implications have informed Dr. Pillay’s work in helping people “Lead with Intention, Inspiration and Impact.”™  

With a Doctorate of Education in Educational Psychology, a Masters in Business Administration and executive education at Harvard Kennedy School in The Art and Practice of Leadership Development, as a speaker, organizational consultant and professor, Dr. Pillay offers research-based and innovative tools to help you build the leadership capabilities you desire.

Joy lives in Southern California with her husband, is a cellist, loves international travel, relishes reading and is further inspired when working on vibrant interior design projects.

Photo By: Dr. Joy Pillay

“Lead with purpose; not fear.”

- Dr. Joy Pillay
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